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Introducing cacheit. Nimble QR Campaigns for Customer Growth Retailers Can Measure.

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Real Coollama!

cacheit empowers small businesses to build a better relationship with their customers.

cacheit better connects small businesses with their customers using measurable QR campaigns.

And cacheit better connects consumers with their beloved local retailers in their personal cacheit wallet

With cacheit small businesses...


Maximum customer engagement

Maximize every customer's engagement with QR campaigns.

get in depth reporting

Receive in depth reports and know your customer's tendencies.

Use nimble promotion management

Hyper-manage daily and weekly promotions including customer notifications.

Have Placement in the The cacheit wallet

Deliver hyper-focused promotions exclusively for the cacheit wallet!


Supporting local businesses

45% of local shoppers used a marketing-related QR code in the 3 months leading up to the survey. 42% scanned at a restaurant, bar, or café. 19% at a gym or fitness center. By 2022, 5.3 billion QR coupon codes will be redeemed. 67% agreed that QR codes make life easier.

We’re helping local businesses come back stronger than ever by maximizing every customer engagement.


Storefront / Windows

Feature cacheit QR codes in your storefront and windows to capture future customers who shop local.


Point of Sale

Extent your brand's value and drive repeat visitation with cacheit QR codepromotions at the register.


Mailers & Take-a-Ways

Add cacheit QR codes to your print materials to give your customers an easy to use touchpoint when they're ready.


Introducing The cacheit Wallet!

The cacheit wallet is the world’s first digital wallet designed to hold consumers' personal QR promotions as they capture cacheit QR codes found in everyday life.


With cacheit local business QR promotions are manageable, action-al, measurable, and reside in their customer’s cacheit wallet.


The cacheit Wallet is a centralized QR Driven Promotional Wallet. The cacheit Wallet is the center of the universe and the businessverse wants to be in it.



Look for cacheit QR codes locally on ...


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